Captain Cook

Captain James Cook is a local hero in North Yorkshire, having been born in Marton, now a suburb of Middlesbrough.  I am one of the few people to visit the birthplace and the deathplace memorials in North Yorkshire and Hawaii repectively.  For more information on his remarkable life read The Wikipedia article,   also Captain James Cook RN - a Yorkshireman's Tribute  and Henry Roberts Log of Captain Cook's death

Here are the pictures:

This is the Captain Cook Monument (erected in 1827) on the North Yorkshire Moors - a favourite hiking spot.  In the background is Roseberry Topping (from the Norse Odinsberg), where Cook was brought up at Aireyholme Farm on its slopes.

The inscription on Captain Cook's Monument.

The Monument where Cook died in Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This is the only part of the US which is sovereign British territory.


My Hawaian volcano pictures