General Interest
Private Eye
The leading British satirical magazine .
Fulfil your potential.
Paul Flynn MP   Anne Widdecombe MP
Two members of Parliament who have the courage to think for themselves!

Democracy from Mathematics
It sounds nice though I have my doubts.  This page seems to have vanished from the web: if anyone finds it please let me know!

Tenby Male Choir
This is my choir - I maintain this site.
Red Pepper
A provocative radical socialist paper.
A site dedicated to those who have contributed to the "survival of the fittest" by eliminating themselves from the evolutionary process.
Visual Physics
an  interesting educational site.
Nasa's Homepage.
That's where I get my heavenly bodies!
Soy Online Service
Soya bean products are everywhere - and full of toxins.  Is soya a food or an industrial chemical?
Read this before you pump yourself full of unregulated phytoestrogens.
Sam Sloan.
This site is enjoyably outrageous, interesting, informative and scurrilous.  However, Mr Sloan has a disturbing tale to tell.   Make up your own mind.

 Midi Pages
Laura's Midi Heaven
It's back and it's fantastic!!
Classical Midi Archives
The most comprehensive Classical midi collection on the web..
Microsoft Hate Pages
This link has died unfortunately, but I like the banner!
The Mircosoft Hate Page
Lots of amusing images and some animations.
Anti-Microsoft Association

I Hate Windows
Windows Annoyances
As well as gen on the latesd court cases etc, the homepage also has info on bug fixes and customising Windows95, 98, XP etc.
Why Microsoft is a Threat to Freedom
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